Can Procurement Protect From #Liftstonowhere

lift to nowhere

This is a lift. It takes you nowhere. Really – NOWHERE. It does not move at all. It is one of the EU funded projects. I am not discussing ONLY EU funded projects. Nor am I disputing EU as a structure. However, the facts are plain and simple:

  • it happens with public investments;
  • it happens, just the same, with private investments – maybe not at such a scale;
  • it happens globally (see an article about China’s achievements).

Questions, that I have, are mainly about justification, will, rules and attitude. If you have OJEU regulations for public procurement – will they protect you from fraud or worthless, unjustified spend? Bribery is a capital crime in China, which is punished by capital punishment. Does that protect from it happening? If there is a will, there is a way. To do both good and bad things. If a person is indifferent to things he sees happening around (or afraid to speak up – I know, there might be reasons), if we do not change our attitude – procurement efficiency alone, however good it is, will not be enough. What are your thoughts?

Can Procurement Protect From #Liftstonowhere

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